Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Restaurants in South Korea, owned by K-Pop idols


Restaurants in South Korea, owned by K-Pop idolsRestaurants in South Korea, owned by K-Pop idols - Many successful idols invest their hard-earned money in their own business. One of the most popular commercial enterprises is the restaurant business. But often idols buy restaurants and decide not to manage all the business themselves, but transfer their management to the hands of family members or specially hired people for this.
However, from time to time the idols still visit their enterprises too. Of some Korean sources, you can collect such information and make a list of such restaurants. Many fans expressed a desire to visit the restaurants and cafes of their favorite celebrities and dine there. For such people was presented a list of restaurants of the most famous idols. Welcome and Happy Appetite!

1. Hoy from INFINITE - "Tonkatstar"

2. Don from INFINITE - "Inchang Octopus"

3. Wuhn from INFINITE - "Sooyoo Meathouse"

4. Ityk, Sonmin, Kyuhyon from Super Junior - "Kona Beans"

5. Yeson of Super Junior - "Mouse Rabbit"

6. Ynhok from the Super Junior - "Tous les Jour (Guro)"

7. Chanöl from EXO - "Vivapolo"

8. Sonny from Big Bang - "And here"

9. Thayle from Block B - "Korean Barbeque (Gaerong)"

10. Yoshob from Beast - "On Chun Gol"

11. Niel from Teen Top - "Cafe DaNi"

12. Nicole - «The Grill»

13. Susie from Miss A - "Caffe Soo"


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