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How many idols drink? 9 stable idols in relation to alcohol


 9 stable idols in relation to alcohol 9 stable idols in relation to alcohol - Drinking alcohol is a huge part of social culture in Korea, and idols are no exception. The most traditional alcoholic beverage in Korea is soju. The share of alcohol beverage can range from 18% to 45% (the most popular option is 20%). And these bottles can go from 20 to 50 per company for the evening! Let's find out how much these idols usually drink.

1. SEVENTEEN's S.Coups - 7-8 bottles of soju

2. MONSTA X Juhon - 2-3 bottles of soju

3. NU'EST W Aron - Aron claims that he just keeps drinking until all the others have gone.

4. iKON Jinhwan - more than 3 bottles of soju

5. EXO Xumin - drinks alcohol for the mood or to support the company. Nevertheless, he was named one of the best drinkers of SM Entertainment.

6. Infinite El - 13 bottles of soju

7. Lovelyz Baby Soul - 5 bottles of soju

8. DIA Chayon - often spoke about her love to alcohol

9. TVXQ Changmin BoA said that she is the best drinker of Changmin in SM Entertainment.


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