Friday, 19 Apr 2019

A Chinese woman was sentenced to life in prison for killing her husband


Fu Weiwei,  Michael Simpson and her childrenFu Weiwei, Michael Simpson and her children - Shanghai No 1 Intermediate People's Court ruled on Monday, July 11 2018 that a Chinese woman named Fu Weiwei was sentenced to life in prison for killing her husband from the UK.

Her husband named Michael Simpson, 34 years old an operations manager for retailer company from England and he work in China, and they lived in Shanghai. The couple had a son, 8 years old and a daughter, 6 years old. Both children hold British passports.

The two were married in 2009 but separated in 2015 without a formal divorce. Simpson then had a new girlfriend, surnamed Lin. 

And on March 20 2017, Fu came to Simpson's apartment with her two friends. There, they also met with Lin, and they involved in a wild fighting. Suddenly, Fu has stabbed Simpson until died and she also wounded Lin. 

The court ordered her to pay USD 22,600 (IDR 326 million). The court also ruled that Fu must pay Lin 290,000 yuan in compensation.

After the murder, the children of Simpson and Fu, were taken to live with Fu's parents in Xiangyang, Hubei province.

Fu's father-in-law, Ian Simpson, has been flying between China and the UK during the case, said he is determined to get custody of his grandchildren. He believed that his grandchildren would have a better life in the UK. 

"We know we can offer them the life that their father, Michael, intended. This would include education to a university standard, vacations throughout the world, love and care from a large family. We would maintain their Chinese language development and make sure they stay in touch with their Chinese relatives," he said.

Fang Jie, a lawyer representing the Simpsons, said documents are being prepared for a separate civil case regarding custody of the children and a lawsuit will be filed soon.

Fang said the Simpsons were willing to offer forgiveness at court, which would reduce Fu's sentence, and waive the compensation in exchange for the children's custody, but the two sides failed to reach a settlement before the ruling.

Fu's lawyer, Yu Zhiwen, said that she wanted to appeal. Yu said Fu would give up custody only if the Simpsons let the children come back to China to visit her once a year before they reach adulthood and set aside a fund of 550,000 yuan to cover her travel costs to China.


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