Tuesday, 25 Jun 2019

Due to the construction of flyover, Dishub Pekanbaru relocates the parking spot in Pasar Pagi Arengka


IllustrationIllustration - Wednesday, July 11th, 2018, due to flyover work construction at Simpang Arengka Pasar Pagi is prone to the traffic jam. Moreover, added with the crowded two-wheeled vehicle parked on the roadside, so the traffic jam can not be avoided.

Especially during rush hour, like going to office or going to home. To anticipate congestion, so it will not get more severe, Departement of Transportation (Dishub) of Pekanbaru has asked the parking attendants do not park the vehicle in roadsides.

As stated by Head of UPTD Parking Dishub Pekanbaru, Bambang Armanto. "There is a narrowing of the road segment due to the fly over construction, especially since there are traders" said Head of Pekanbaru Dishub, Kendi Harahap, who has ordered the parking area not to be lined up" he said.

Bambang said that currently the parking attendant has been socialized, so that vehicles parked in Pasar Pagi Arengka will be more organized. "Now parking stalls like this (one layer) We asked the parking attendants not to be parked in the parking lot, inevitably it must be only one layer. We from the ranks of Dishub will continue to monitor and parking officer as well" his message.

As is known there are two new fly over that are being built in the Capital of Riau Province. In addition to Simpang Pasar Pagi Arengka there is also at Simpang Mal Ska.

Suggested residents who pass around the area, should choose an alternative path. In order not to accumulate the number of vehicles, so congestion can be avoided.


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