Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Apple will stop the production of Apple X and SE to focus on their new products


IllustrationIllustration - Apple seems to be more focused on their new phone. Therefore the production process of iPhone X and SE began to stop.

This is stated in the BlueFin Research analyst report. Also mentioned is the strategy to stop production of iPhone X and SE is an attempt so that Apple can meet market demand so that their target can be achieved.

Talking own target, Apple is said to make 91 million units of the latest iPhone can be sold until the end of this year. And in 2019, the technology giant from Cupertino, the United States hopes to sell 92 million units of the latest iPhone.

BlueFin itself predicts Apple can sell 28 million units their three newest mobile phones in Q3 and increased in Q4 to 63 million units due to the holiday season. In Q1 2019, Apple is expected to sell 45 million units and slightly decreased in Q2 with sales of 40 million units.

There are also three new phones, according to BlueFin will be named iPhone 9 that uses the LCD screen. While wearing OLED will be named iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Plus. Again BlueFin predicts iPhone 11 Plus which will be the best behavior followed by the iPhone 9, as reported by GSM Arena on Wednesday, July 11th 2018.


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