Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

ZsaZsa, the world's ugliest dog died at the age of 9


ZsaZsaZsaZsa - ZsaZsa a British bulldog who has just been crowned the world's ugliest dog died on Tuesday, July 10th 2018. The owner Megan Brainard told NBC Today Show that Zsa died in her sleep. Ironically, Zsa died after nine days being crowned as the world's ugliest dog.

Brainard said Zsa's death left a deep wound for her. She said she was still trying to process about her death.

A farewell ceremony was performed for Zsa in Brainard's backyard. "We took a lot of photos with her with my family so we now have her face everywhere to remind us of her" Brainard said to Today.

ZsaZsa won the world's ugliest dog competition in 2018 held in the San Francisco area of ??the United States. She's nine years old.

Zsa victory is earned because of her unique physical shape. With her teeth crooked, her canine teeth and tongue were always sticking and hanging, Zsa had the opportunity to participate in a contest held every year to raise awareness of dog adoption.

As a prize of victory in this 30th annual contest, Zsa earned a prize of USD 1,500. She defeated a terrier dog with dreadlocks called Scamp.

Quoting from Time, ZsaZsa's own name is taken from Hollywood legend ZsaZsa Gabor. “She knows she's special," said Brainard, the owner of this female dog. "She never really showed joy, but she really looks happy after she won"


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