Sunday, 21 Apr 2019

The refugee beat the Danish woman for resisting rape


She was beated by the refugee for resisting rapeShe was beated by the refugee for resisting rape - Danish justice once again proved extremely humane to Muslim hooligans: a Danish woman will pay a fine for preventing the refugee from raping her!

This photo Dane Nanna Skovmand, beaten by migrants from Morocco, placed on her Facebook page. Her 17-year-old woman was able to defend herself and was punished.

Justice in Danish: Refugee defeated danish for resistance when rape.
17-year-old resident of the Danish city Sennerborg was accused of illegally carrying weapons, reports “The Daily Mail». The girl used a gas canister against the man who attacked her.

The incident occurred near the local center for refugees. According to the girl, a man who spoke English, threw her on the ground and tried to undress. The girl managed to use the gas into his face, after which the attacker struck her on the face and ran away.

"The use of gas cartridges is illegal, so she will have to pay a fine", - the police spokesman said. The penalty will be 500 kroons (about 20 dollars).

According to the International Organization for Migration, last year more than one million refugees arrived in Europe.

The attitude of the population towards refugees began to change after a terrible New Year's Eve in Cologne. But the most humane courts in the world are still guarding hooligans.


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