Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Muslim Cham, the smallest muslim community in Vietnam


The children of Muslim Cham communityThe children of Muslim Cham community - During this time Vietnam is known for its strong culture with the dominance of Hinduism and Buddhism. Muslims in this country are not so highlighted by the media. Who would have thought, there is a Muslim community in a remote village there.

Reporting from Mvslim, a village on the border of Vietnam-Cambodia is inhabited by the Muslim community. Mekong River area is quite isolated because it requires transportation in the form of a boat to get there.

Looking at the photographs documented by the Mvslim team, In there muslims have a style similar to that of Muslim fashion in Indonesia in the 80s. Many wear tops such as kebaya, gamis, and matching suits.

Most men there earn money from fishing in the river. The women work to produce traditional Vietnamese cloth. Their economy and education about islam are quite difficult. A lot of help came from Malaysia and Indonesia.

It is estimated there are about 400 Muslims living in this village. They are called 'Muslim Cham'. The Cham kingdom in Vietnam began to recognize Islam since the 17th century. But Islamic teachings did not extend to the central regions of Vietnam due to various obstacles.


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