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9 The most popular dreams: what they really mean and what to do with it. Part 1


9 The most popular dreams: what they really mean and what to do with it9 The most popular dreams: what they really mean and what to do with it - (Part 1)

Some scientists have been inspired by dreams to discover, and how many pictures and books appeared thanks to night visions! In this case, both geniuses and ordinary people often see the same subjects, or examinations, to which they are not ready, or loss of teeth, or escape from the pursuers.

Psychologist Jan Wallace, for his 30-year practice, decrypted 150,000 dreams and told "Business Insider" how not to be afraid of "monsters", which are born in dreams.

1. You dream that you found a room that was not used

What does it mean: the rooms in the house symbolize different sides of your personality. Finding an unused room means discovering something new in yourself that you might not have suspected. For example, hidden abilities.

What to do: explore your "sleeping" talents in reality, which will help you discover new opportunities in life.

2. You dream of an uncontrolled car

What this means: moving transport is your ability to go to the intended goal. If you can’t manage it in a dream, then in reality, most likely, don’t manage yourself enough, which prevents you from succeed.

What to do: although the advice seems to be logical "to take control of the situation", Wallace, on the contrary, suggests "loosening the grip" and follow your instincts and inner feelings that will help you choose the best way.

3. You dream that you are falling

What does it mean: that you are too attached to some circumstances in your life, what prevents you from being happy. It's time to relax and let go of what's bothering you.

What to do: stop being afraid that you will lose control of the situation. Sometimes you just need to believe in yourself and others and let things happen "by themselves."

4. You dream that you are flying

What does it mean: the ability to fly in a dream symbolizes your separation from the circumstances that aggravated your existence in reality.

What to do: most likely, somewhere in the soul you have already made a difficult decision that will free you from oppressive responsibility. A fabulous flight in a dream, giving the feeling of boundless freedom, suggests that it's time to realize this.


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