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9 The most popular dreams: what they really mean and what to do with it. Part 2


9 The most popular dreams: what they really mean and what to do with it9 The most popular dreams: what they really mean and what to do with it - (Part 2)

Psychologist Jan Wallace, for his 30-year practice, decrypted 150,000 dreams and told "Business Insider" how not to be afraid of "monsters", which are born in dreams.

5. You dream that you aren’t ready for the exam

What does it mean: that you are too self-critical all the time (perhaps without noticing it), you are trying to assess yourself from outside and often not in your favor.

What to do: instead of trying to understand yourself and your shortcomings, learn to see your dignity, praise yourself for achievements and appreciate your own knowledge.

6. You dream that others see you naked

What does it mean: in real life, using clothing, we create a certain image for ourselves. They say that they "meet by their clothes". If you don’t have these clothes in a dream, then some situation in reality makes you feel vulnerable and defenseless.

What to do: it will seem strange, but sometimes, instead of closing even more from others, it is better to do the opposite and open yourself, even if you feel uncomfortable. Maybe you were in vain afraid of someone else's assessment or that they will laugh about you.

7. You dream that you can’t find a toilet

What this means: either you really want to go to the toilet and the brain just doesn’t allow you to do it in bed, or you lack something in real life, but you can not express your own needs and suffer from it.

What to do: start taking care of your own needs, and not just about what others want.

8. You dream of tooth loss

What does it mean: teeth symbolize how confident you are, so if they fall out in a dream, then some situation in life makes you feel helpless.

What to do: don’t focus on "helplessness" and calmly think about the situation and take it as a test that has fallen to you, where you have to prove yourself worthy.

9. You dream that somebody are chasing you

What does it mean: that in your life there is a problem from which it's high time to stop running, but you do not know how to solve it

What to do: most often, this problem is a real opportunity for you to meet some personal ambition. You may be intimidated by the thought of solving it, but it will not stop persecuting you until you meet the problem face to face.


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