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Binding the baby to the car seat, the newly mum threw it out the window!


Heroic mother Shelby and her rescued daughterHeroic mother Shelby and her rescued daughter - A few days ago firefighters in the Wyoming city, State Illinois in the United States received a report on a burning building. Arriving there, the men found a terrible picture. The building was blazing, and they can’t found the landlady nowhere.

However, from the pile of rubbish under the window there was a desperate cry of children. Rescuers found a newborn girl there, which, to the surprise, practically didn’t suffer. Later, restoring the picture, the inhabitants of the town were amazed at the actions of the mother of the baby!

21-year-old Shelby Ann Carter became a mother recently. Her daughter Kean was born just 12 days ago. Mother was waiting for the baby and loved her very strong.

When the fire happened, first of all Shelby rushed to save her daughter. The way out of the children's room, which was located on the second floor, was blocked by a raging flame. Shelby didn’t know how to get out from it.

Seated a small Keanu in a baby car seat, the woman strapped her seatbelts and threw the child out of the window outside. It was thanks to the actions Shelby her daughter found unharmed. But the young mother couldn’t escape herself.

Shelby's body was found in the charred children's room. The doctors reported that the woman died of carbon monoxide poisoning. It's amazing how she managed to save her daughter, because the young mother gave birth just 12 days before the tragedy!

Kean will not be an orphan. Shelby’s relatives have already stated that they will take care of the child. Almost all residents of the town volunteered to help in this.

Today, the actions of the baby’s mother are treated as a real act of bravery! Friends and neighbors call deceased Shelby as heroine! Finding herself in a blazing nightmare, Shelby didn’t lose her head and did everything to prevent her daughter from being hurt.


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