Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Man brought back to life after being buried in mud


Susanto being buried in mudSusanto being buried in mud - A man named Susanto, who were believed to be dead after getting electrocuted, came back to live after being buried. He was buried in a swamp of Sungai Purun Kecil Village, Mempawah, West Borneo, on Sunday.

While he was buried on July 8th, the video showing the ritual itself only became viral on July 12th. In the video, you can see a shirtless man, wearing short pants, trying to bury Susanto’s body with the mud in the swamp.

“Subhanallah, this incident in Pontianak. How a man who was said to be dead after being electrocuted was buried in a wetland immediately, can come back to life,” wrote a netizen named Yuni Rusmini.

However, the head of Sungai Pinyuh police, Commissioner Sunaryo said that Susanto had not actually been dead but in critical condition.

“It was not true that he’s dead. He got electrocuted with high voltage electricity when setting up a canopy in Aneka Jaya machine shop. The civilian who saw it happened quickly gave him first aid,” Sunaryo said.

A civilian knew a method of dissolving electrical induction. He quickly buried Susanto’s body inside the mud. Sunaryo said, the method succeeded in saving Susanto’s life. He was then brought to regional hospital to get intensive treatment.

“So, when his body was buried from neck to feet in the mud, he was conscious again. The method is called grone, to dissolve the electrical induction. When he was conscious, the victim was brought to Community Health Center before being brought to regional hospital.”


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