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Scientists found out which bananas are actually beneficial to the body


Which bananas are actually beneficial to the bodyWhich bananas are actually beneficial to the body - Banana is a fruit that has long become a habitual food product. They are eaten almost by everybody and everywhere. It’s possible to talk about the benefits of bananas long enough.

Based on the research of scientists, we will try to answer a question that has long been of concern to all: is it possible to eat ripe bananas.

Researchers argue that blackened bananas affect the body a little differently.

Benefits of ripe bananas
In unripe bananas, there is a resistant (insoluble) starch. It is not digested in the small intestine and is fermented in the large intestine, which often causes gas formation. In ripe fruits, most of the starch is converted to sugar. Therefore, ripe bananas are not only sweeter for taste, but also easier to digest. So, they are more useful for digestion.

In ripe bananas contains much more useful substances. And most importantly, than darker banana is than more extracellular protein TNF (tumor necrosis factor) it contains. It inhibits the growth of tumor cells.

Eating 1 ripe banana a day, you strengthen immunity. Scientists from Japan say, that such fruits contain more fiber, vitamin C, group B, potassium and antioxidants than unripe ones.

Next time, when choosing bananas in a store, remember this advice. Perhaps, ripe fruits are not so delicious, but they can be used in various dishes.

It is the best to eat bananas two hours after breakfast as a snack. Don’t eat them on an empty stomach. To be healthy, eat right!


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