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The story of a dog that saves the life of its small owner every day


The dog saves the life of its small owner every dayThe dog saves the life of its small owner every day - This Labrador from the US is called Jedi. Every day the dog saves the life of his 7-year-old owner Luke Nutal.

That night, Luke and Jedi, as usual, slept in the same bed. Suddenly the dog felt that the boy was in critical condition - the child suffered from diabetes. Luke's mother, Dorry, slept in another room and didn’t hear the gadget squeak, fixing her son's low blood pressure. The Jedi immediately rushed into the bedroom to Dorry, trying to wake her up as soon as possible.

Labrador always felt the chemical changes in the boy's body faster than any gadget. Soon Jedi learned special commands in order to clearly give Dorry to understand what was happening to Luke. When the dog feels that Luke is in danger, it gives Dorry a signal. First, the Jedi comes to his mother and gives her a multicolored stick. After this, with a lowered level of sugar in the blood of the boy, the dog lies on the floor, while level of sugar is high - raising the paw upwards.

Thus, the Jedi rescues Luke's life for more than three years.


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