Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

The cat didn’t get down from the belly of the future mother


The cat took care of the child  before it's birth and continues to take care now.The cat took care of the child before it's birth and continues to take care now. - As soon as Lily became a cat named Panda, a special connection arose between them. They did everything together. They played together, slept together, had fun and embraced each other.

When the mistress of the cat became pregnant, Panda didn’t leave her no one step. But instead of playing with Lily as before, the cat got carried away by her stomach. As soon as the opportunity took place, Panda lay down next to the future mother, putting a fluffy face to Lily's stomach.

During the pregnancy, the cat didn’t go out from the hostess for a minute. It seems that her favorite place on the planet is next to Lily's belly. What happened when the child was born?

Already three months after the appearance of the charming little boy Shawn, Mom exhibited their joint photos on the Internet.

Panda took care of the child all 9 months before birth and continues to take care now.

Many believe that black cats bring failure, and therefore try to stay away from them. But seeing these photos, they get on well with even newborns.

I very often see parents abandon pets when they have children. I think it's wrong, Lily says.

Lily hopes, that this example of how her little son Shawn and cat Panda live together will be an example for all, who are afraid of holding together their beloved children and no less beloved pets. They love our children just like we do!


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