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The story of woman which already addicted to sex when she was just 12 year-old


Erica GarzaErica Garza - A woman has revealed how she was addicted to watching porn whe she just 12 year-old and made her home as the place for sex party so she could have sex four times a week with many men.

Erica Garza is addicted to sex at very young age and until today, she have the problem to have sex without watching porn.

The 35-year-old woman is now overcoming her sex addiction with the help of her husband, but says that when she was a teenager, it was disastrous for all aspects of her life.

She has written a new memoir titled Getting Off, where she talks about her dependence on pornography and her addiction of free sex.

"What I got is the felt like mixture of embarrassment and elaborate sexual excitement since I was 12 years old".

When Garza was in high school in Montebello, California, she said that she faced great insecurity because she wore a back brace after suffering from scoliosis.

Erica said that she started to watching pornographic films after she was bullied at school and she watched the movie after her parents fell asleep.

At the age of 20, she managed to invite many men to have sex and even record her sex game on laptop.

"Every time I do these things, or confess to hating condoms, I will have an incredibly high sex drive, I hope those people like me more than they think," she wrote.

She said that her addiction of porn was only restrained when she met her husband on a trip to Bali.

"We watched porn movie at the beginning of the relationship because it was my habit, but he talk with me, why I always watch porn movies, and no one has ever done this before. For the first time, I really feel safe for reveal who am I"


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