Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

This is the price you have to pay if you want to experience a journey into space


IllustrationIllustration - Leaks about the cost of a trip into space to be held Blue Origin began to unfold. Jeff Bezos rocket company is also a steady start to travel to space next year.Ticket prices for space travel with New Shepard rocket is priced from USD 200,000 - USD 300,000 (about IDR 2.8 billion - IDR 4.3 billion).

Thus, thoroughly already curiosity of prospective passengers and other companies in the space transportation industry regarding the price of Blue Origin space travel tickets.

For a long time, various circles were wondering whether this ticket would have an affordable price, and whether Blue Origin would be able to make a profit in the very new space tourism industry.

Bezos, who was also CEO of in June, said they plan to conduct flight tests with passengers soon and will start selling tickets next year. At that time Bezos has not announced the price range of tickets to be sold.

Quoted from Reuters, Friday, July 13th 2018, is one of Blue Origin employees who divulge the size of the trip ticket into space. But the employee declined to be named, considering this is a company secret.

Speaking of New Shepard, the rocket was designed to fly six passengers independently up to 100 kilometers above Earth to sub orbitals.

Sub orbits are high enough that passengers can experience a state without gravity for several minutes and can see the Earth's curve from outer space before finally returning to Earth via pressurized capsule.


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