Saturday, 16 Feb 2019

Famous people in Twitter loss millions of their followers due to the clean up program from Twitter


TwitterTwitter - President of the United States, Donald Trump must be willing to lose hundreds of thousands of his followers on Twitter. This is because of the efforth of 'clean up' from Twitter.

The number of Trump followers on Twitter has declined since Twitter officially issued a policy that they will delete locked accounts that exist in the number of followers of an account. Related to this report, as quoted by CNET on Friday, July 13th 2018, the White House has not given any response.

It's not just Trump who's going through it, it's for everyone, from officials, celebrities, to ordinary people.

A number of artists known as Kings and Queen Twitter like Justin Bieber for example, must lose as many as 2.7 million followers, Rihanna lost 605 thousand followers, Katy Perry as much as 1.6 million followers and Taylor Swift as much as 2.3 million accounts. President of the United States Barack Obama also lost 1.6 million followers.

This cleanup is part of a Twitter effort to respond to reports that some companies benefit by inflating their follower count.

The New York Times reports that some companies benefit from having a lot of followers on Twitter because the popularity of an account can influence and shape an audience's opinion. Therefore, Twitter does a cleanup to millions of fake accounts.


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