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The story of Jose Mourinho get nicknamed as Miss Daisy


The story of Jose Mourinho get nicknamed as Miss Daisy The story of Jose Mourinho get nicknamed as Miss Daisy - Jose Mourinho routinely always delivered by his driver in his activities as a manager of Manchester United (MU).

It made he get nicknamed as Miss Daisy.

The 54-year-old Portuguese man began to handling the Red Devils since last summer. So far, he is still living in the Lowry Hotel and sometimes back and forth to London where his family is still domiciled.

In everyday activities, Mourinho relies on ground transportation with the help of a driver who drove the car for him. The driver drove him to Carrington training center, to the hotel, and wherever Mourinho's request was sitting on the passenger seat.

MU staff members then revealed that the fact that has made Mourinho nicknamed 'Miss Daisy', referring to the character played by Jessica Tandy in the Oscar-winning movie in 1990 titled 'Driving Miss Daisy'.

In the film, the figure of Miss Daisy is always delivered driven here and there by a driver named Hoke Colburn, played by Morgan Freeman.

"Apparently the construction workers at Carrington who originally joked 'here he is, Daisy is came' when Jose's car pulled over one day," said The Sun source at Old Trafford.

"It sparked a joke and then (the nickname) continues to spread as a joke He can work quietly in the backseat, but sometimes he had to rush back to the airport to get back to London".

"The car is definitely firmer than Miss Daisy's, but Jose obviously enjoys the freedom of being driven everywhere, but nobody would dare to joke about this in front of his face, anyway he's the boss," the source said.


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