Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Celebrating 100th anniversary of Nelson Mandel, Obama criticized Trump's policies


Barrack ObamaBarrack Obama - Former US President Barack Obama used the moment of the 100-year anniversary of human rights defender Nelson Mandela to "tease" his successor, Donald Trump, indirectly. In a speech in Johannesburg, South Africa, on Tuesday, July 18th 2018, Obama warned leaders that the world has been going "into a strange period amid uncertainty."

Despite not naming Trump, Obama warned that "fear and hate politics" has spread because it is driven by leaders who scoff at facts and tell lies "with no shame."

The 44th US President also criticized the rise of populist movements in various parts of the world that have made countries more likely to embrace protectionist policies, reject the phenomenon of climate change, until the implementation of racial-based immigration policy tightening.

"Politics of fear and hatred are starting to emerge, and this kind of politics is now starting to move" said Obama in front of about 15,000 people at the Johannesburg Cricket Stadium, quoted by CNN.

"I do not want to make anxiety, but only state the facts. Look around, powerful leaders are influential, all of a sudden, when elections are rolling and some democratic pretensions are maintained, those in power try to undermine any institution or norm that has a democratic meaning." On that occasion, Obama sees that the world is threatened back to a more dangerous and brutal "old" way of working together and doing business.

Regarding immigration matters, Obama considers it is not wrong if the country's leaders consider the country's borders important. However, he argues that it cannot be justified to implement a policy based on race, ethnicity or religion.


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