Buton became host of Buton Ancient Culture Festival


Buton became host of Buton Ancient Culture Festival Buton became host of Buton Ancient Culture Festival - Buton island in Southeast Sulawesi is set to host the annual Buton Ancient Culture Festival on August 19-25 2017, featuring unique local ancient traditions.

The first event to take place will be the Dole Dole Festival, an ancient tradition for the natural immunization of children under 5 years old that customarily ends with a naming ceremony. This year, about 200 toddlers will take part in the event.

Next is the Posuo festival. This is a pingitan (where a girl is kept inside a house before marriage) tradition for young girls before entering adulthood. In the past, the procession was conducted for 40 days, then it was shortened to seven days and today it lasts for four days. Some 200 girls are expected to participate in this year’s ceremony.

The third event is the Tandaki circumcision ritual for boys who are entering akil balik (adulthood), symbolizing that they now have the responsibility to do good and avoid forbidden things.

“Circumcision has been conducted for thousands of years, even before Islam entered Buton. In the past, bamboo was used, but now medics are in charge. This year, 200 boys will undergo circumcision,” said Tourism Ministry's head of cultural promotion Wawan Gunawan.

Finally, the Pekande-Kandea festival is the tradition of welcoming fighters who came back from the battlefield. It is also called Bongkaana Tao in the Buton dialect. The festival invites revelers to sample traditional dishes such as ikan dole (small fish pounded with coconut), ayam nasuwolio (fried chicken served with coconut) and various traditional cakes, from sponge cakes to baruasa cookies.

The main event will be a dance performed by 10,000 people in front of the main stage. In addition to ancient traditions and rituals, the main festival will also feature the Buton Expo, art competitions and various performances.



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