Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Nike sneakers with automatic lacing are on sale.


Nike sneakers with automatic lacingNike sneakers with automatic lacing - The resource "Digital Trends" reported that the company Nike announced the launch of sales of its new model of sneakers HyperAdapt 1.0, the main feature of which is the automatic lacing.  The engineers and designers of the sports giant were inspired by Robert Zemeckis' famous film "Back to the Future 2".

Do you remember the part where Marty McFly got a cool shoes with arbitrarily tight laces?! So, HyperAdapt 1.0 sneakers also have something similar. In order to start the process of lacing, it is enough to activate the sensor by the pressure of the foot, and after that the laces on the sneakers will slowly tighten to the level you need. Also, Nike's shoes have two buttons that allow you to adjust the lacing pressure even in manual mode. 

This position the company wanted to launch on sale on November 28, but something didn’t work out and the sales started only now. But to get them first can only those who have pre-ordered, the price of one pair is 720 US dollars. First, the sneakers will go on sale at Nike's outlets in Chicago, Los Angeles and San Francisco. The date of launch of new products in other countries has not yet been announced.


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