Friday, 22 Nov 2019

Why you should never boil water for tea more than once.


Never boil water for tea more than onceNever boil water for tea more than once - If you like to drink tea with your guests and family, then you probably made this fatal mistake.
According to tea expert William Gorman, you can never boil water in the kettle more than one time. If you do this, your brewed tea will be very bad and lose quality.

Gorman, who chairs the Tea and Tincture Association, emphasizes that when boiling again, water loses a large amount of oxygen and nitrogen, making tea tasting incomplete, and tea loses all its true taste.
"Usually, when people's tea cools, they boil the kettle again and make another cup. But in this way you are guaranteed to get a bad cup of tea", - he says. - For good tea, you need to recruit fresh water again, because re-boiling will finally remove the remnants of oxygen and nitrogen from it".

According to him, the solution to this problem will be the addition of new water or instead this just  heating the cup of tea in the microwave oven. William Gorman adds: "The best solution for tea will be to heat it for 15-20 seconds in a microwave oven. After all, when it is in the microwave, everything that comes with it from the scientific point of view is a simple circular movement of molecules and heating up to the required temperature. And it doesn’t affect the taste at all". Therefore, if your tea was bad, then now you already know the reason and what you are doing wrong.


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