Friday, 22 Feb 2019

Rumoured, new Pixel 2nd will be released soon


Rumoured, new Pixel 2nd will be released soonRumoured, new Pixel 2nd will be released soon -  Various rumors reserved Pixel 2ndgeneration is already in circulation, and the latest news mentioned if one of the two Pixels 2 which will be released made by LG.

Previously circulated a rumor when Google prepared three mobile phone upgrade for 2017 Pixel. But then rumors are changing, and mentioned there is only Pixels 2 which will be released in 2017, and the one made by LG.

The pixels that will be made by LG that is a Pixel that is using the code name Taimen, who allegedly had a larger screen size or Pixel XL. Rumors emerged from Android Issue Tracker that was discovered by 9to5Google, fromPhone Arena, Thursday, June 15 2017.

That is in a document called USB PD Compliance Failure for a device called Taimen. In the document,is seen an LG employees requested by a representative from Google to change the menu contents in an External Partner > Android >> LGE > Taimen > power.

From there, its look that LG was the one who seemed to be making the Taimen 'Pixel'. This is different with the two first generation Pixel made by HTC.

Either LG or HTC is not really a company that is familiar to Google because they have often towed to manufacture mobile phones Nexus.


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