Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

Disgusting, a company creates vagina beer that made from the essence of two models


IllustrationIllustration -  Talk about objectifying women, does anyone find this product hugely problematic? 

Now, when you thought humans couldn't get crazier, the Polish Brewery launched something called vagina beer. 

Why the named of this product must vagina beer ?

They say it's the world’s first beer with vaginal lactic acid and the brewery used unique ingredients like bacteria from the vaginas of two hot models, Paulina and Monika.

And to make this sound exotic, the Polish Brewery calls it the “The Order of Yoni” (“Yoni” is the Sanskrit word for female genitals).

According to reports, a gynecologist took a smear from the women, and then a laboratory in the city of Poznan managed to isolate the necessary lactic acid bacteria for the beer’s production. When it comes to concerns about hygiene, the company assured that the ladies had been totally checked before having the smears. 

The owner said, "When you drink this beer, you realize that originally there was a beautiful woman who was maybe taking a shower, dancing or laughing at the very moment. And you feel a close connection with this woman."

OMG, a crazy product, right ?








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