Saturday, 23 Mar 2019

Video of sky splitting in Sindoro mountain is getting viral in social media


the splitting sky in Sindoro mountainthe splitting sky in Sindoro mountain - A few days ago, Indonesian people were shocked by the phenomenon of iced dew on Dieng plateau. The low temperature, which reached under 0o became the cause, causing ice to cover the grass under it as well.

While some people focused on Dieng, there was another interesting phenomenon happening at Mount Sindoro. On Monday morning, August 6th, the mountain’s peak did not seem to be shone by sunlight. In fact, the sunlight above the mountain was split in two. The result is that the right and left part of the mountain was shone but not the middle part.

This rare phenomenon was able to be captured in a video that was then posted by account @karismandhdy, before being spread by Gunung Indonesia account. In the video, you can see the morning sunlight split in two with the middle part being dark. It seemed that Mount Sindoro split the sunlight in two.

This video became viral in social media. A few hours after being posted, the video had been liked by 69 netizens and being commented by hundreds of others. Many people admired this occurrence.


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