Horrific moment when a zombie-like man attacks cops


Horrific moment when a zombie-like man attacks copsHorrific moment when a zombie-like man attacks cops - Firefighters and police are claiming to have seen several people on the streets of Lexington, Kentucky.

They see people in the streets who are passed out, hallucinating, and lethargic.

Police were called out to a gas station near West New Circle Road and Russell Cave Road around 6 p.m. Officers said they found four people in that area overdosing on the synthetic drug. While the others were completely passed out, one of the four men was woken up and started to become combative.

Apparently, he had a bad reaction to the drug. He then slammed his head through the window of a business, breaking the glass. Officers told that man also tried to bite an officer.

The man fell unconscious a few moments later, allowing the police officers to take them into custody. All four men survived the overdose. They said two people could be charged for assaulting officer. Lexington police say no officers were injured.

What is ‘Serenity’ or Synthetic Marijuana?

Though it looks like marijuana, Serenity is far from it. Synthetic weed also has some nasty side effects.

Also known as “spice,” “herbal incense,” “legal,” or “K2,” synthetic marijuana is sold as a safe, legal alternative to marijuana.

In reality it holds an equal and often greater risk to a person than marijuana does because of its unpredictability and many negative side effects.

According to, synthetic marijuana products produce effects similar to those of marijuana, including altered perception, elevated mood, and relaxation.

The active ingredients in synthetic marijuana or synthetic cannabinoids, which mimic the effects of marijuana by acting on the same cell receptors in the brain.

In some cases, synthetic marijuana may even have a stronger effect than cannabis.



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