Indonesian Documentary Movie Will Be Screened in Amsterdam


Indonesian Documentary Movie Will Be Screened in AmsterdamIndonesian Documentary Movie Will Be Screened in Amsterdam - The documentary film "Banda, The Dark Forgotten Trail" by Jay Subyakto will be screened at the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA) on 25 November.

Jay said the appeal of the film about the history of the triumph of the spices and nutmeg in Banda Islands is located on dark side of the Netherlands when invaded Indonesia.

"They are interested because in this movie I revealed the bad Netherlands in Indonesia," said Jay on Antara News at Rumah Indofood, Jakarta Fair Kemayoran, Thursday (15/6).

In addition to telling the history of nutmeg in the Banda Islands, "Banda, The Dark Forgotten Trail" also reveal the full blood of the history of genocide, the first in Indonesia that make no native Banda left.

"Jan Pieterszoon Coon slaughtered 14,000 Indonesian people in a year's time, so when we go to Banda today, we didn't get to meet any of the original people of Banda because they had been slaughtered."

History revealed in the documentary, Jay said, unfortunately there is not much studied in the school. He hopes the documentary can open the history of the Banda Islands, which used to be appealed by the Europeans because rich of nutmeg introduced Chinese traders.

A documentary film that could also be a means of learning history fun, does not feel the patronizing.

Nutmeg is used to be considered more valuable than gold. Herbs can be preservative food that is a valuable commodity for those who journed by the sea for months.



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