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Famous cat cafe in Japan is forced to close due to its cats is infected by parvovirus


IllustrationIllustration - Cat Mocha Cafe is a fancy cat theme cafe. This unique cafe is located in Tokyo's Ikebukuro region in 2015. At that time, many cat lovers visited this place. Especially, after seeing the luxurious interiors in the cafe. Visitors can eat while playing with the cats. In less than two years, Cat Mocha Cafe has been able to open several new branches such as in the Nagoya and Osaka regions.

Developing rapidly, last July opened the Tachikawa branch of the Cat Mocha Cafe, the western city of Tokyo Metropolis. Not yet a month operating, bad rumors circulated about the new cat's cafe.

Quoted from SoraNews24, August 6th 2018, one of its staff revealed that several cats there died from contracting the feline parvovirus. Feline parvovirus is a deadly cat viros. This virus causes a decrease in white blood cells in cats.

So,this disease makes the condition of the cat decreases dramatically. Even so, the management did not pay attention to this and continued to run the cafe as usual. Later it was discovered that the rumor was true. Exactly on July 31st, snippets of conversation between cafe staff via the online messaging application were leak into online media.

The picture contains, "Probably 90% of cats die from infection", "There are six cats left there" until "the head of the company continues to run (his business) even though there are no animals (cats)."This is viral and KI Corporation, an investigative institution, revealed that there were two cats examined on July 26th. Both are officially infected with parvovirus.

On July 27th and 28th, five cats died from the virus. Although this virus cannot be transmitted to humans, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government's Public Welfare and Health Bureau decided to temporarily close the cafe. This is done to make sure the virus is completely gone from there.

Cat Mocha Cafe also decided to close some of its branches. This is done to reduce the fear of loyal customers. Therefore, all cats in the cafe are now undergoing medical tests. The cafe also claimed to have taken preventative measures by vaccinating when the cat was 2-4 months old. Then keep vaccinating every month after that.


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