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In Bangkok, 7 low-income students had their own colivation.


In Bangkok, 7 low-income students had their own colivationIn Bangkok, 7 low-income students had their own colivation - Company «Fabrica», a communication research center based in Treviso, Italy, created in Bangkok (Thailand) coloving, where you can not only spend time together, but also lead a solitary life.

Seven students with financial difficulties - boys and girls from different walks of life and different religions - were given a place for study as a scholarship (the project was called "Space Scholarship"), where they can not only spend the night, but also work, and establish communication relations.
The design of the room is designed so, that students develop a sense of responsibility, independence, while feeling themselves as "at home".

"Space Scholarship" is an initiative of corporate social responsibility of a developer from Thailand AP Public Company Limited.

"Fabrica", which participated in extensive research in the field of the philosophy of living together, decided to realize the idea through "social repetition" through a series of details, materials and colors. The company strives to create places in which it is possible not only to spend time together, but also to lead a solitary life. Flexibility and functionality of housing also emphasize a special design point of view. 
Designed interiors have a dual purpose: they can be open or closed, depending on whether students want to eat and talk together - or work out in solitude. Effective use of space, hidden storage systems of things, mobile and adaptable elements and practical furniture help students to maintain in coliving the order. And the use of multipurpose modular elements allows the maximum use of a small area of housing.
The design of this home contributes to the development of a sense of responsibility, independence and a sense that you live at home.


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