Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Scientific reason why people like cats and dogs



Not many people dislike cat or dog. When we look at them, there is something in their cute faces that warms our heart. This is a usual reaction when we see a furry and warm animal.

Research found that there is a reason why most people cannot help but to like cats and dogs. In 1940, zoologist and ethologist Konrad Lorenz identified the features that human considered “cute”. These features are big head, high forehead, big eyes, small nose and mouth, and pudgy cheeks.

These characteristics are known as kindschenschema or kindschema. Physically, this kind of cuteness can be seen in babies. Because of this, when we look at a newborn baby and see these features in them, our brain will automatically “force” us to take care of the baby.

This kind of reaction does not only apply to human babies but animal babies as well. Our brain will also recognize kinderschema in animal babies with these characteristics. Most often, it is in a kitten or a puppy.

In 2014, a team from University of Portsmouth found that dogs actively rise up their eyebrows, making their eyes look bigger. This is what causes the phenomenon called “puppy-eyes” that makes people’s heart melt. With this, it is said that it is easier for dogs to find home.

“Our study shows that dog’s facial movement has evolved as a respond to human preferences for children’s characteristic,” said the leader of the study, Bridget Waller.






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