Wednesday, 24 Jul 2019

Two college students made a needle hole camera, the advantage are fantastic


The needle hole cameraThe needle hole camera - Two college students from Bandung, Arie Haryana and Willi produced a needle hole camera from teak wood. The camera is given the brand Onrust Pinhole.

“The production is in Tegallega, Bandung, since 2015,” Arie as the owner of Onrust Pinhole said.

Arie said that their product is sold both inside and outside the country. However, they still limit the sale outside the country and focus on the sale in Indonesia.

“The product has reached Asia, Spain and Germany. Japan has already asked for it too, but we actually have not beet confident enough to sell it outside the country,” he said.

Arie, who studies in Widyatama University said that they produce 100 pieces for one production and it can be sold out in only 2,5 months.

Most of the people who purchase the camera are college students, photographers and camera collectors because this product is said to be an alternative for those who are bored with digital camera.

For the materials, Arie intentionally uses teak wood to make it look more artistic and elegant, especially because there are already so many people that use plastic.

Arie has done this business for 3 years. The reason he did this is to pay his college fees.

“Back then, I was wondering how I could pay my college tuition, I did not have money. So I decided to do business,” said the 22-year-old man.






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