Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

New fitness trend: Drink beer during yoga classes!


New fitness trend: beer and yoga!New fitness trend: beer and yoga! - Now it’s very difficult to keep up with all the trends in yoga. There is a hot yoga, naked yoga, doga-yoga (yoga with a dog, can be with another animals too), akroyoga, aero-yoga and even karaoke- yoga.

Now a new kind of yoga has appeared - it is very simple and any person can engage in it, even one that never thought about twists and bends: all you need is to drink beer during training !!!

In this case beer is a great motivator. It is believed that this idea, to practice yoga with beer, was born in Germany in 2016 from a hipster from Berlin who drank beer during the performance of the next exercise. After that, the groups that promoted this type of yoga began to form around the world, including London, New York and Sydney.

A yoga instructor named Del Higante, who works for the «Beer Fit Club» in New York, says that her classes are "fitness for everyone". She says: "This is the least serious class of all that you will ever have to visit. There is no condemnation here".


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