Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Scoot airlines introduces its first chatbot MARVIE, with it you can purchase ticket just by using Facebook Messenger


MARVIEMARVIE - Scoot, a Singapore airline, released the first chatbot transaction in Asia. This airline allows prospective passengers to order and pay for flight fees with a credit card on Facebook Messenger. According to a spokesman for Scoot, there are 14 bookings that have been made to places such as Australia, China and Malaysia. This order is mostly done by customers with the age of 40 to 50 years.

This flight is prioritized for family members and takes 7 minutes to complete the booking. This method is considered to be quite good, considering booking flight tickets manually will require a long time.

It is MARVIE, a robot that replies to all orders that enter Scoot airline. MARVIE stands for Most Awesome and Resourceful Virtual Intern Ever.

This bot is in charge of recording flight ticket bookings, receiving promo codes, and in the future bots will allow passengers to choose airplane seats. Currently, the company is also working on other financing methods besides credit cards. Since MARVIE first appeared on Facebook, Scoot has received Messenger requests three times more. Previously, there were only 50 requests every day. Now, the number is more than 1,750 requests per day.

Not only Scoot, there are a number of other airlines which also allow users to order airplane tickets via chatbots like Iceland Air and Transavia. In fact, Transavia also allows its customers to book airline tickets via WhatsApp.


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