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Majizia Bhanu, the first body builder and weight lifted athlete which wears hijab


Majizia BhanuMajizia Bhanu - Small body and hijab does not become a barrier for someone to have a career in sports. A woman from India, Majizia Bhanu became one of the bodybuilders and weight-lifter of which wearing hijab. The 24-year-old woman has a great passion in sports, especially in weight-lifted. During school, she was once a boxing athlete then found her passion in the field of weight-lifting.

Majizia already has quite amazing achievements. She won a silver medal in 2017 Asian weight-lifting Championship. In the same year, Majizia was named as 'The Strong Woman of Kerala 2017' at a contest in Kochi, India.

The plan, Majizia will take part in the World Championship in Turkey this October 2018. However, she was hampered by funds. She is looking for sponsors to fund her trip. However, not a few companies that resigned as her sponsors because of hijab she wore.

"When there are people who wear hijab in your office, it looks natural and ordinary. Just like me, I only do the work using the hijab. I am in the spotlight because only few hijab women who pursue this field" said Majizia quoted from the Times of India.

She also insisted not to wear off her hijab in every competition. Although her mother was worried, Majizia remained firm in her decision. Although only four years of serious weight-lifting and bodybuilding sports, she believes she can still ace this while wearing her hijab.

When practicing at a fitness center, Majizia often wore long-sleeved tracksuits combined with leggings. Famous brands like Nike are Majizia's choice. For hijab, she chose a rectangular hijab or pashmina..


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