Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

10 Rules Of Workplace Etiquette That You Must Follow


IllustrationIllustration -  When you work, there is always so much to learn.

Because as life goes by, from childhood to adulthood, learning remains an integral part of our lives. 

At the workplace, you must try these bits of workplace etiquette, to make you look classy and educated.

1. Don't ignore people in the elevator
You must make eye contact and at least smile even if you don't talk on an everyday basis. 

2. When you make personal phone calls, so must keep it down. 
It's more better, to step outside. 

3. If you take anything from anyone's desk while they are not there, make sure you return it or at least leave a note saying that you took it. 

4. Knock before entering someone's office, even if the door is open.

5. Keep the volume of your earphones low

6. Don't ask about a colleague's salary.

7. If you are going to get coffee, ask a person nearby if they want one. 

8. Make sure you are talking and laughing not with objectionable volume. 

9. When you go through a door, always look behind you and see if anyone else is coming. And hold the door. Also when you used the elevator. 

10. Don’t check your phone when you have meetings or when someone is speaking to you. 






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