Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Positive sides of people who always be overthinking


IllustrationIllustration - For those of you who tend to overthink things it may be hard in making a decision. You always think about many outcomes and many possibilities and tend to worry about almost anything. In the end, you cannot feel calm at all. But is overthinking really bad? There are actually positive sides of overthinking.

1.       You see things from various perspectives

You tend to weigh your actions and consider the outcomes. You think about other people’s feelings and how they view the problem at hand. You think about things more than anyone else and you come to understand different people’s perspectives. When there is a problem, you will consider your options based on what others will think about it.

2.       You become ready for the worst outcome

Because you already consider the good and bad things that come with an option, you will be ready to face the consequences. You are ready to face all possibilities, even the worst one.

3.       You will be more observant about small things

Because you think about things too much, you will be trained not to miss even the smallest things that affect your decision. It makes you more cautious and alert.

4.       You will find mistakes easily

You analyze and think hard on even the smallest mistakes of your decision. Therefore, next time you will not make the same mistake.

5.       You always try to do your best

People who tend to overthink do not want to make any mistakes because even a small mistake can last in their mind for so long. That is why they always try to do their best. Even after they do their best, they are not easily satisfied and always think of other ways they can improve.

6.       You always think about other people

People who tend to overthink always think about others. If they accidentally hurt other people, they will feel very guilty. They always put others before themselves.


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