Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

A man stabbed a woman to death as they had sex in Hull


Laura HutesonLaura Huteson -  Tragic, Laura Huteson, 21 years old died after Jason Gaskell, 24, with deliberately held a knife to her neck while they were having sado-masochistic sex at his home in Hull, East Yorkshire on February 27 2018.

Mrs Huteson is a mom of a boy, three years old.

Then, Gaskell was jailed for six years for negligence manslaughter.

But, Laura's close friend named Paiige Harron, 18, has questioned the justice in his punishment and said that the family have not been given justice. 

"Laura only met Gaskell on the day she was killed. But before, he regularly engaged in ‘bizarre and violent sado-masochistic sexual activity’ and took ‘risks during sexual intercourse. He  could do it again when he is released from prison." Miss Harron has warned. 

She said, "I have known Laura since primary school. We have grown up with her. It is just so hard for me to cope with what has happened. Our world has been torn apart by what Gaskell has done and I’m sure if it was the other way round his family would want justice too."

Miss Harron insists her friend will never be forgotten and will remain in her thoughts. 

She added, "We have to try and move on as best we can but the heartache will always be there and we will never forget Laura. I see her little boy around Hull and it breaks my heart to know that he will never have his mum around. Someday, someone will have to try and explain what happened to his mum but how can you tell him she was killed?"







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