Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Study found that video games and social media addiction turns someone mental and emotional to three years old boy


IllustrationIllustration - Technology should have a positive impact because access to information is unlimited. The community can easily get information about anything to add to their insights. However, if technology is not used properly. like social media and video games, will create an immature generation.

Senior researcher from Oxford University, Baroness Susan Greenfield revealed, social media and video games addiction make person’s mental and emotional turns to a three-year-old child.

People who love social media and play games can lose the ability to think about themselves, empathize, and communicate with others. On the contrary, Greenfield said that people with opium in cyberspace were bombarded with instant gratification as needed by a three-year-old child.

"What I'm predicting is that people will be like three-year-olds. Emotional, taking risks, poor social skills, weak self-identity, and short attention span" Greenfield said, citing from Telegraph.

The conclusion came from scientific evidence based on recent research from Harvard University and Princeton University which found that students preferred to give themselves 'electric shocks' - something short - rather than 10 minutes of deep thinking.

"There is a very deep problem when people need constant stimulation from the environment like the results of research (Harvard University). They can no longer enter their minds, think laterally, and have their own minds" said Greenfield who is a professor of synapses pharmacology.


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