Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

China hypersonic aircraft successfully defeating any advaced defense system


Starry Sky-2Starry Sky-2 - China claims to successfully test their first hypersonic aircraft which capable of passing any sophisticated defense system. The 'Starry Sky-2' airplane nicknamed 'The Waverider' made its first test flight at an undisclosed location in western China, reported by The South China Morning Post, Friday, August 3rd 2018.

Hypersonic aircraft is capable of carrying nuclear missiles and speed up to six times the speed of sound (Mach). Adam Ni, a Chinese defense expert at the Australian National University, said that Starry Sky-2 presents a strong addition to Chinese military.

"The successful research and development of the 'Starry Sky 2 Waverider' aircraft is a technological breakthrough for the development of Chinese hypersonic weapons" Ni told "Hypersonic missiles will be a powerful addition to various types of missiles owned by People Liberation Army (PLA)"

"This weapon can break through any country's missile defense system, including United States." The aircraft was carried by a number of rocket levels before releasing itself into space. 'Waverider' technology can ride waves to increase speed, according to Chinese Aerospace Aerodynamics Academy (CAAA).

Local authorities say that the hypersonic aircraft is capable of carrying out a number of rounds and reaches top speeds at Mach 6, or 7,344km/hour. Then, the plane landed in the designated area and the CAAA called the trial a 'total success'.



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