Sunday, 17 Feb 2019

Gerrard Pique officially met Luis Enrique to discuss his retirement from Spanish national team


Gerrard PiqueGerrard Pique - Barcelona defender, Gerard Pique said he had spoken with Luis Enrique about his plans to stop playing in Spanish national team. The experienced defender who has played for 102 times and scored five goals for La Furia Roja has expressed his desire to take off national team uniform since 2016.

The cause of Pique's wish to finish his career with Spanish national team was criticism from the audience and the media he often received. Players who also played in 2010 World Cup and 2012 European Cup had an unfavorable relationship with several groups of supporters related to Barcelona and Real Madrid's rivalry and support for the Catalonia referendum.

Pique claimed to have spoken with Enrique who became a Spanish coach replacing Julen Lopetegui. "I spoke with Luis Enrique a few days ago. He called me and I told him the decision had been taken for a long time and I had thought about it carefully" Pique said as quoted by Marca.

"I have had a wonderful time with national team with the chance to win World Cup and European Cup. Now I want to focus on Barcelona. I still have some more time there and I will enjoy it" continued the player who once dressed in Manchester United.

Pique became the second player to quit the Spanish national team after 2018 World Cup. Previously Andres Iniesta also announced his resignation after Spain was eliminated from 2018 World Cup.


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