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Continue to Improve Services, The Rokan Hilir Regency Population and Registration Office Gives Many Convenience to their communities


Basaruddin SHBasaruddin SH -   As we know, Rokan Hilir Regency has a large area with a population of around 627,190 people consisting of 324,253 men and 302,937 women.

Rohil Regency, under the leadership of Regent H Suyatno AMP, through the Department of Population and Civil Registration (Disdukcapil) always strives to provide the best service and provide convenience in every arrangement related to Disdukcapil.

The Population and Civil Registration Office (Disdukcapil) of Rokan Hilir Regency (Rohil) has now received a supporting tool to improve the quality of the e-KTP print network in the field.

Kadisdukcapil Basaruddin SH said, his party conducted a trial of a device sent by the Director General of the Republic of Indonesia Dukcapil called M two M. With the tool, the officers conducted a trial recording and directly printed the E-KTP of the community in Pujud Sub-District.


In the trial at Pujud, Disdukcapil provided 250 blank pieces.

"During the trial, around 200 pieces were used. The trials were carried out starting at 3:00 p.m. until 10:00 p.m.," he explained.

For the future, Disdukcapil will package the schedule and all equipment, ranging from ink, and specifically technical staff to do direct recording of prints in a number of areas.

Open Services Although Holidays

In order to Accelerate Recording of Elektronil or KTP-El Identity Cards, the Rokan Hilir Population and Civil Registration Office (Disdukcapil), Riau Province pick up the ball and open services on holidays.

The KTP-el recording service activity on the holiday was centered at the Rohil Regional Asset and Financial Management Agency (BPKAD), Jalan Merdeka Bagansiapiapi by the local Disdukcapil.

Basarudin said the Ministry of Home Affairs also ordered all Disdukcapil to carry out services on Saturdays and Sundays, including on other holidays.

Prioritize PRR Print

The Rokan Hilir Regency Population and Registration Office (Disdukcapil) continues to make efforts to accelerate recording and printing electronic KTPs. As many as 21,057 KTP-el registered as Print Ready Records (PRR) at Disdukcapil Rohil have been printed and immediately distributed to each of the elders through the sub-district.

Basarudin also said, Deputy Regent Rohil Jamiluddin had also handed over 1,938 pieces of ID cards to the Datuk Penghulu through Bangko Pusako Sub-District Chief.

Besides in Bangko Pusako Subdistrict, the delivery of KTP el was also carried out simultaneously in several Subdistricts such as in Bangko Subdistrict which was submitted by the Head of Dukcapil Juli Asri to the Head of the Sub-District Head and the Head of the Sub-District in the Building of SMP 1


He also said, overall in 15 sub-districts in Rohil, KTP-el will be distributed.

The number of KTP el distributed in 15 subdistricts:
Kubu District 1,141
Bangko District 2.136
Tanah Putih District 2,403
Rimba Melintang District 1,042
Bagansinembah sub-district 4,746
Pasir Limau Kapas District 1.471
Sinaboi District 740
Subdistrict Pujud 2.266
Tanah Putih Subdistrict Tanjung Melawan 297
Bangko Pusako Subdistrict 1.938
Simpang Kanan Subdistrict 759
Kecamatan Batu Hampar 310
Rantau Kopar District 245
Pekaitan District 605
Babussalam Kubu District is 958

The Population and Civil Registration Office (Disdukcapil) of Rokan Hilir Regency (Rohil) also began issuing family cards or KK with a new format.

"There are additional information on blood groups and the date of marriage or marriage," said Head of Disdukcapil Rohil Basaruddin.

He stated, the addition of two columns in the KK followed up on the Decision of the Constitutional Court Number 97 / PPU-XIV dated October 18, 2017 and the Minister of Home Affairs Regulation (Permendagri) Number 118 of 2017, regarding blanks of KK, registers and citations of civil registration certificates.

According to him, the addition of the data aims to make the existing population data more orderly.







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