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Hm Wardan appreciation the destruction of confiscated goods by Tembilahan Customs


Photo : InternetPhoto : Internet -  The Regent of Indragiri Hilir (Inhil), HM Wardan appreciated the destruction and handover of grants for goods belonging to the state worth IDR 13.3 billion by the Customs and Excise Office of Customs and Excise C Tembilahan Office on Wednesday, July 3 2019 on the KPPBC TMP Office yard C Tembilahan, Jenderal Sudirman street, Tembilahan.

The state-owned goods that were destroyed are goods from the prosecution of KPPBC TMP C Tembilahan at the end of 2018 until the beginning of 2019. 

Through that destruction, the loss of the state that can be saved is IDR 6.2 billion.

According to the Regent of Inhil, HM Wardan, who was represented by the General Administrative Assistant of the Inhil Regency Regional Secretariat, Sudinoto RM, the destruction of goods that were prosecuted by the Ministry of Finance through these applicable procedures and mechanisms, was necessary to eradicate acts of violating customs laws. and excise.

Mr Wardan considered, the destruction activities that carried out were a form of transparency in the implementation of duties and functions of customs and excise, especially in the field of prosecution.

Besides that, Mr Wardan also invited the public and business people to run businesses legally, especially in export and import activities in accordance with applicable regulations.

"For that, I express my highest appreciation and gratitude for carrying out extermination activities and have also made various efforts to maintain security and order for the importation and distribution of illegal goods," said Mr. Wardan.

Furthermore, Wardan expects that the performance and quality of the services of Tembilahan KPPBC TMP C can remain good and continue to increase despite having a very wide area coverage, covering 3 Regencies, namely Indragiri Hilir, Indragiri Hulu and Kuantan Singingi.

For information, the items that destroyed by the KPPBC TMP C Tembilahan were 11.9 million cigarettes, 119 units of mobile phones and 90 units of laptops of various brands, hundreds of cartons of electronic goods and other items that did not fulfill their customs obligations.

On that occasion, there was also the handover of donated goods to goods belonging to the state to the Inhil Regency Government in the form of 43 confiscated laptop units.

In line with the statement of the Regent, Head of KPPBC TMP C of Tembilahan, Anton Martin said, extermination activities are a form of transparency in the implementation of duties and functions of Customs and Excise.

The destruction carried out, according to Anton Martin, is an evidence of Customs in protecting the public and domestic industries from the circulation of illegal goods.
Anton Martin said, the handover of donations in the form of laptops was intended to support the implementation of the Computer-Based National Examination at several schools in Inhil Regency.






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