Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Military district command 0313 of Kampar prepares post to anticipate land and forest fires


IllustrationIllustration - The Military District Command (Kodim) 0313 of Kampar, Riau, prepare special post to anticipate land and forest fires. This post is meant for surveillance to prevent the fires from happening.

The Military Rayon Commander (Danramil) of 06/SH, Hadi Prayitno led the preparation for the post in Bulu Nipis Village, Siak Hulu District. They searched for a house where the officers will be able to stay in.

They also prepared the banner from Military District Commander 0313/Kampar about the ban of burning lands and forests. They then searched for the bed, the tables and the chairs that will be used by the officers.

The officers that will stay in this post will focus on preventing and anticipating fire. They will patrol the area routinely and give information to the civilians.


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