Friday, 13 Dec 2019

The unit of TMMD in Kampar tries to instill nationalism in children


IllustrationIllustration - Nationalism has to be instilled during early years. This is because children are the ones that will influence the future of our country.

This is what is trying to be done by Hermansyah, the Village Supervisory Non Commissioned Officer (Babinsa) of Kampung Pinang Village Military Rayon Command (Koramil) 06/SH. He did it in order to apply the TMMD (National Army Integrated Village Development) program in Public Elementary School (SDN) 002, Kampung Pinang District, Perhentian Raja, Kampar, Friday.

He said, instilling nationalism in children has to be done cleverly and wisely. He told the children to pursue their dreams and hope and to become people that can make the country proud.


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