Friday, 13 Dec 2019

Soldiers in Kampar hold joint patrol to anticipate fire


IllustrationIllustration - In order to implement the TMMD (National Army Integrated Village Development) program, the officers of Military Rayon Command (Koramil) 05 of Left Kampar hold routine joint patrol in order to prevent or anticipate land and forest fire.

The joint patrol is held together with Left Kampar Sector Police. The Village Supervisory Non-Commissioned Officer (Babinsa) of Koramil 05 Sutarman also regularly warns the local people about the fires.

Other than to anticipate fire, this activity also aims to improve the synergy between the soldiers, the police and the civilians in preventing land and forest fires.

Sutarman also had a warning banner against land and forest fires put up. The banner was put up in Deras Tajak Villages, Left Kampar.


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