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Viral, This Weird Creature was Found when the Officers were extinguishing the Burning Land in Indragiri Hulu


 (Appearance of a snake's body that appears to have legs on its tail. The discovery of this animal is being viral in cyberspace. Photo; int) (Appearance of a snake's body that appears to have legs on its tail. The discovery of this animal is being viral in cyberspace. Photo; int) -

A rare event was found by a joint officer when putting out a burning land in Indragiri Hulu Regency. At that time, officers found a rather large snake, which had died from a fire. But there are sightings of the snake so different, namely on the tail looks like there are two legs.

In a 2 minute 7 second video recording that is now circulating in cyberspace, the snake appears to have two legs in the tail. Kind of like the King Cobra because of its size is quite large and long. When found. the creeping star had died from a burning. Some of his body has been charred. While at the scene, ex-extinguished smoke still appeared to be steaming.

Related to the finding, a member of Manggala Agni Daops Rengat, Maidi, confirmed this.

"Yes, legged snake was found dead in Sekip Hilir Village, Rengat District, Inhu District. It was found on burned community land," he explained, Thursday (9/19/2019) last night, reported by the compass.

According to him, the snake was found by officers from the Army Kodim 0302 / Inhu, on Wednesday (18/09/2019) night. At that time, TNI soldiers were still on duty at the burning location until nightfall. Whereas the team from Manggala Agni Daops Rengat first went home.

"Our team went home first, because it was late. It turned out that the TNI team found a dead-legged snake at the location. I was surprised after seeing the video. Because there were rarely legged snakes," he said again.

Not legs
Separately, alhi herpetologi (reptiles and amphibians) from the Indonesian Institute of Sciences (LIPI), Amir Hamidy asserted, it was not a legged snake but a snake hemipenis.

"It is not a foot, it is a hemipenis from a snake yes. Hemipenis is the genitals of male snakes," he explained, Friday, September 20, 2019.

Furthermore, Amir explained, all types of male snakes have hemipenis. In contrast to men who have one penis, male snakes have two hemipenis located at the base of the tail.

"All male snakes have hemipenis, so this is not a rare event or wow," he said.

To note, the snake hemipenis will come out when the snake mates, when the snake is still alive then squeezed, the hemipenis can also come out, or when it dies due to burning as found in Indragiri Hulu. ***


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