Saturday, 18 Jan 2020

5-year-old boy in Pelalawan dying after being bitten by a snake


IlustrationIlustration - A 5-year-old boy in Pangkalan Kerinci, Pelalawan Regency, Riau died after being bitten by a poisonous snake. He had received medical treatment at a private hospital.

The information summarized (Riau24 Group) mentions, this poor boy died at Selasih District Hospital. He was referred to the Selasih Hospital, from one of the private hospitals in Pangkalan Kerinci.

The Selasih Hospital confirmed, it received the patient referred to the victim bitten by a snake. "Yes, the patient entered Selasih yesterday afternoon (Wednesday). The patient was referred," said the Head of Nursing of the Selasih Hospital, Rachmadani Kamal, Thursday, November 28, 2019.

Dani said, when the patient got to Basil, the patient's condition was very severe. Dani could not be sure whether the handling of this child was late or not. "It's severe, the body turned blue. Snake venom may have spread throughout his blood," he said.

Dani revealed, it immediately provided intensive treatment for patients. Although his condition is already severe. "We are trying to help the victim. Even though we have turned blue, we still give an injection of anti-snake venom," he said.

"The child is 5 years old, resident of Pangkalan Kerinci District, Pelalawan Regency. He died in Selasih Hospital, due to snake venom, although we have given maximum treatment," he concluded.


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