Friday, 24 Jan 2020

Harvesting in Singingi Hilir, Kuansing Regent Helps the Head of the Pillars of Rukun Sentosa Japanese Pumpkin Seeds IDR 13.5 million


Kuansing Regent, Mursini during the big harvest in Singingi Hilir DistrictKuansing Regent, Mursini during the big harvest in Singingi Hilir District - On a visit to the Sentosa Rukun Farmer Group, Simpang Raya Village, Singingi Hilir District, Kuansing Mursini Regent, conducted the Papaya Raya Harvest, Thursday, November 28, 2019.

In the Rukun Sentosa Kapoktan, the Regent also provided assistance in purchasing Japanese pumpkin seeds for Kapoktan, Simpang Raya Village. "This assistance is at the request of the Head of Rukun Sentosa, who wants Japanese pumpkin seeds, to be used as Agro-tourism plants in the village," he said.

As for the purchase of Japanese pumpkin seeds, the Regent helped Rp. 13.5 million. While for the construction of the place, the Regent suggested that it be proposed to the relevant Dinas. "Especially for pumpkin seeds, let me buy, I help Rp. 13.5 million," he said.

To the Head of Rukun Sentosa, the Regent conveyed his gratitude, for having warmly welcomed the group when visiting in the context of papaya harvest. "This is also according to our promise first, if our harvest will come here," he added.

In Kapoktan Rukun Sentosa, the Regent not only participated in harvesting papaya and also corn, but also bought the farmers' papaya. For Papaya, Rp4,000 per kilogram is sold, and corn is sold Rp6,000 per kilogram.

According to the Regent, food crops and horticulture are commodities that produce quickly. He is ready to support the community in developing the agricultural commodity.

While the Head of Agriculture Office, Ir. Emerson, said Simpang Raya Village, there are several potentials that have been exploited well. Such as food crops, horticulture and plantations.

Likewise, Singingi Hilir Sub-District Head, Risman said that in the District he leads, one village has one superior product, according to him, it is funded by Village funds. "For this village fund, in Singingi Hilir a lot is intended for empowerment," he said.

Then, Kades Simpang Raya, Ampran Mangunsong, said his village had been designated as a village pilot village in Riau Province.


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