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Get Discount Penalty from Jokowi, KPK Prepares New Case for Former Riau Governor Annas Maamun


Annas Maamun.Annas Maamun. - The discount sentence from President Jokowi for Annas Maamun revealed the old news. The former Governor of Riau is apparently still dragged down by other legal cases.

Reporting from, Friday (11/29/2019), Jokowi gave a pardon in the form of reduced penalties for Annas who should have occupied Sukamiskin Prison for 7 years in bribery cases related to the conversion of forest functions for oil palm plantations. For the clemency, Annas's sentence was reduced to 6 years.

But Annas' legal affairs have not yet been finalized at the KPK. Annas is suspected of giving bribes to members of the Riau DPRD for the ratification of the Riau Regional Budget in 2014 and 2015.

Annas has been named as a suspect since 2015. He is suspected of giving bribes to Ahmad Kirjauhari, Suparman, and Johar Firdaus. The three of them at that time served as members of the Riau Parliament.

In ratifying the APBD, Annas allegedly gave Rp1.1 billion to Kirjauhari to be distributed to a number of councilors. Kirjauhari and 2 of his colleagues were convicted.

Kirjauhari was sentenced to 4 years in prison and to Johar to 5.5 years in prison. While Suparman was sentenced to be free. However, at the cassation level Suparman was found guilty and sentenced to 4.5 years in prison.
Meanwhile, Annas as the giver of bribery has not yet been put on trial. KPK Public Relations Head Febri Diansyah said the case was still being investigated by the KPK.

"Yes, there is still one case in question which we are handling at the investigation stage," said KPK Kabri PR spokesman Febri Diansyah, Friday (11/29/2019).

On the other hand Jokowi's spokesman, Fadjroel Rachman said, the clemency for Annas was not just published. Jokowi also has said that the granting of clemency has been through consideration from the Supreme Court (MA) to the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security Mahfud Md.

"We will see later, because yesterday the consideration was based on the consideration of the Supreme Court, the consideration of the Coordinating Minister for Politics and Security. Now if there are further developments we will see what the KPK does. Pak Jokowi will always obey the law and be loyal in efforts to enforce all activities that anti-corruption, "said Fadjroel at the Jakarta Presidential Palace complex, Friday (11/29/2019).

Fadjroel hasn't been able to say much about the pardons that have been issued. On the other hand, anti-corruption activists from Indonesia Corruption Watch (ICW) criticized the granting of clemency and asked Jokowi to revoke it.

"We will just watch. We will see its development," said Fadjroel.

Meanwhile with Jokowi's clemency, Annas will most likely be free next year. This was previously said by Ade Kusmanto as Head of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Corrections at the Ministry of Law and Human Rights (Head of Public Relations of the Directorate General of Paskum HAM).
"He got a clemency from the president reduced by one year. It was 7 years, right by one year," said Ade Kusmanto on Tuesday, November 26, 2019.

Ade also said that Annas was free from prison. Annas currently still inhabits his cell at Sukamiskin Prison in Bandung.

"It is estimated to be free on October 3, 2020," said Ade.


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